Infusion Pump – Optima VS

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Infusion Pump - Optima VS

Infusion Pump – Optima VS


Optima VS are volumetric pumps, well suited for all treatment areas. Optima VS offer an extensive range of setting modes to satisfy all infuion protocols.

  • Infusion mode, micro and macro infusion
  • Accurate and user friendly
  • Large range of dedicated and non dedicated disposable secure daily clinical delivery
  • Certified to be used for blood transfusion; large range of setting modes
  • Occlusivity check system automatically check the operation of the pump associated with the set preventing all risk of free flow
  • Flow rate range 1 to 1000 ml/h in normal mode. 0.1 to 100 ml/h in micro-infusion mode
  • Flow rate accuracy ± 5% with recommended sets
  • Volume range 1 to 9999 ml in normal mode. 0.1 to 999.9 ml in micro-infusion mode
  • Infusion time adjustable from 1 minute to 96 hours
  • Setting modes flow rate only, flow rate + volume, volume/time, rate + time, ramp up/ramp down, primary/secondary, sequential, bolus, induction/loading                dose, micro-infusion
  • Optima VS: OCS (Occlusivity Check System)
  • DPS (Dynamic Pressure System): detection of pressure variations in the line allowing both a faster occlusion detection or a line disconnection detection
  • Anti-bolus system: automatic bolus reduction at occlusion release
  • Pressure limit adjustable from 100 to 900 mmHg
  • RS232 bi-directional connection
  • Battery life: 5 h 30 in average at 125 ml/h
  • Dimensions
  • 13.5, x 17.5 x 14.5 cm


  • Weight
    • 2.9 kg


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