Surgical Suction HIVO

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Suction HIVO
Surgical Suction HIVO

Rp.8.000.000 /unit


Brosur Surgical Suction HIVO
  • Providing extremely high flow and efficient vacuum generation, the required vacuum is available within seconds, oil less, and maintenace free.
  • The level of vacuum required is controlled by the vacuum regulator and showed on vacuum meter.
  • The overflow protection device prevent liquid or solid particle from entering the intermediate tubing, the bacterial filter for single use can eliminate airborne contamination.
  • Two transparent unbreakable jars graduated 4000 ml made of polycarbonate can be autoclave able
  • Change over valve offers for manual selecting collection jar rapidly, thirsting cyp is used for placing catheter before or after operation
  • The comfortable handle made of stainless makes it easy to move, the accessory box back of the case is ready of laying foot switch and power cord during movement or storage.
  • Dimention : 49 cm (W) x 39 cm (D) x 94 cm (H)
  • Weight : About 25 kg

Model : OM 980
Max. Vacuum Pressure : -690 mm Hg
Suction Bottle : 4.000 ml x 2
Suction pump capacity : Over 80 litre per min at air
Suction volume : Adjustable by control dial
Pump : Double piston, oil less
Power Supply : 220 V +/1 10%, 50 Hz
Dimension : 49 cm (W) x 39 cm (D) x 94 cm (H)
Weight : About 25 kg

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