Lampu Operasi Halogen + LED Purilite OL2500

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Lampu Operasi Halogen + LED Purilite OL2500

Harga  :  Rp. 90.000.000

Merek  :  Aeonmed
Brosur Lampu Operasi Halogen + LED Purilite OL2500
  • Continuous Lighting Operation,  Equipped with two group halogen bulbs one  in operation and the other back-up,  Switch to the back-up bulbs automatically if the bulbs in use fails, not result in any  difference on illumination or light field center.  LED lamps provide continuous lighting after turn-on and ensure safety in surgery
  • Convenience in Operation,  Automatic memory function, fault alarm system, 10 level illumination adjustment.  Two detachable handles available, easy to replace and sterilize.
  • Excellent Optical Performance,  Provide 4300K color temperature close to natural light, ensure excellent color rendering index, assist surgeons distinguishing diseased tissues from healthy tissues.
  • Dual-light Source Design,  Innovative design combines halogen lamps and LED lamps. Light beam with 300 mm diameter of light spot (maximum) and up to 1400mm illumination depth meet lighting demand in large wounds and deep surgery.  LED lamps work independeutly for background lighting in endoscopic surgery
Lampu Operasi Purelit OL 9570
Description OL2570 OL2550
Diameter of Light Head (mm) 700 500
Illumination (Lux) 160000 120000
Color Temperature (K) 4300 4300
Color Rendering Index (Ra, %) 95% 95%
Diameter of Light Spot (D10, mm) 120-300 120-300
Illumination Depth (mm) 1400 1400
Illumination of Background LED Lights (Lux) > 30 > 30
Halogen Lamps Service Life (hour) >1000h
LED Lamps Service Life (hour) >30000h
10 Level Illumination Adjustment 30%-100%

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