Ultrasonography 4 D AM-11

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Ultrasonography 4D AM11

Rp.161.750.000 /unit

Analogic Medical

Brosur USG AM 11

The new Analogic Medical trolley color Doppler system AM11, with practical design and stable performance, will go beyond your expectation but not your budget. As an easy-to-use ultrasound system, AM11 is integrated with new software platform specially optimized for smooth workflow and convenient operation. The system will speed up doctor’s exam process and make file management much easier. With a new definition of price performance, Analogic Medical now invites you to achieve more value and better diagnosis with AM11

  • Monitor :
    15 Inch High Resolution Color LCD Monitor
  • Standard imaging modes :
    2D, M, 2B, 4B, B/M
    Color Mode
    DPI Mode
    PW Mode
    THI Mode
  • Report Functions (Editable) :
    Obstetrical /Gynecological report
    – Obstetrical Curve
    – Fetal Anatomy
    – Biophysical Profile (optional)
    – Insert Picture
    – Comment
    Cardiac function report
    Vascular report
    Urological report
    Small Part report
  • Operation Navigation :
    Using Trackball to move cursor
    Technical Specification
    General Descriptions
  • Imaging mode :
    2D, M, 2B, 4B, B/M
    Color Mode
    DPI Mode
    PW Mode
    CW Mode (Optional)
    4D Imaging (Optional)
    Panoramic Imaging (Optional)
    Anatomic M Mode (Optional)
    Color M Mode (Optional)
    Trapezoid Imaging (Optional)
  • Scanning mode :
    Electronic Convex Sector
    Electronic Linear
    Electronic Phased Array Sector
    4D Automatic Scanning
  • Multi-frequency transducer :
    Up to 5 Frequencies
    5 doppler frequencies
  • Scanning depth :
    ± 24 cm
  • Transducer frequency :
    2 to 16 MHz (depend on the transducer Model)
    Gray scale :
    256 Levels
  • Display :
    15 Inch High Resolution Color LCD Monitor
  • Transducer connector :
    3 connectors Active
  • Gain control :
    Button Adjustment
    8 segment TGC
  • Image Magnification :
    1.6X Magnification
  • Storage Media :
    Hard Disk memory capacity : min 160 G
    Storage media: – USB Drive 4 connector
    – DVD
  • Image storage and Cine :
    Cine loop: 10000 frames or more
    Cine loop time:60 seconds or more
    Archived image can be viewed on PC
    Cropboard function: in Freeze Mode
    Cine play back mode for Doppler
  • Image Storage :
  • Measurement & Calculation :
    General Measurements/Calculations
    Obgyn Measurement & Calculations
    Cardiac Measurements
    Vascular Measurement Calculation
    Urological Measurement Calculations
    Small Part Measurements
    Orthopedics Measurements
  • Clinical Analysis Packages :
    Small Parts(Thyroid, Brest, Testicles and Superficial)
    Abdominal(Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Pancreas)
    Vascular(Carotid, Peripheral vessel)
    Anesthesia (optional)
    ECG Module and Function (Optional)
  • Patient Data Management :
    – Patient Registration: Name, ID, Gender, Date of Birth, Height, Weight,
    Body Surface Area, Heart Rate, LMP, GA, Doctor’s comment
    – Retrieve the patient from Worklist
    – Patient Data, report, images can be searched, retrieved, DICOM sending,
    Send to Report, Print and so on
    DICOM Network Communication :
    Structural Report?SR?: ABD, OB, GYN, Cardiac, Vascular, Urology,
    parts, PED, MSK, Nerve, Orthopedics.
    DICOM Image Storage Format: RLE, JPEG
    DICOM Print
    DICOM Media Storage
  • Data Communication :
    All patient data in this ultrasound unit can be outputted to Flash Disk and
    DICOM, in file folder of patient, examination mode, image and report.
  • Standard configuration :
    Main Unit S-11
    Connectors probe: 3 ports
    15” LCD Screen
    Convex Probe
    Video Output, S-video
    Measurement and Calculation Packages
    Standard accessories
  • Optional Probe :
    Phased Array Probe?Cardiology?
    Linear Probe?Vascular, Small Part?
    4D Proble (3D/4D Image Scan)
    Micro-curved Probe?Transvaginal?
    Power supply
  • Power supply voltage :
    100 – 240 Volt AC
  • Power supply frequency :
  • Power consumption :
    ± 600 Watt
  • Dimensions :
    ± 1380mm (H) x ± 559mm (W) x ± 720mm (L)
  • Weight :
    Approximately 56.8 Kg

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