Standard Accessories Meja Operasi

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Round-hole clamp                                    Round-hole clamp Round-hole clamp 2 HARGA CALL
Foot plate(must work with 2 pcs notched clamp) Foot plate Foot plate 1 HARGA CALL
Notched Clamp Notched Clamp HARGA CALL
High position arm holder(must work with 1pcs round-hole clamp) High position arm holder High position arm holder 2 HARGA CALL
Head rest(must work with 1 pcs connection bracket ) Head rest Head rest 2 HARGA CALL
Connection bracket Connection Plate HARGA CALL
Head Plate?200×270?(must work with 1 pcs connection bracket) Head plate Head plate 2 HARGA CALL
Hand operating table (must work with 1 pcs Round-hole clamp ) Hand operating table Hand operating table 2 HARGA CALL
Instrument Tray(must work with 1 pcs round-hole clamp) Instrument Tray  Instrument Tray 2 HARGA CALL
Iliac support (must work with 2 pcs round-hole clamp) Iliac support  Iliac support  2 HARGA CALL
Intervertebral pad Intervertebral pad  Intervertebral pad 2 HARGA CALL
Drainage bowl Drainage bowl Drainage bowl 2 HARGA CALL
Orthopedics traction Orthopedics traction Orthopedics traction 2 HARGA CALL
Infusion Frame(must work with 1 pcs round-hole clamp) Infusion    Frame Infusion    Frame 2 HARGA CALL

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