Meja operasi elektrik (Aegistab OP850)

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Meja Operasi Elektrik (Aegistab OP850)

Rp. 210.000.000

Beijing Aeonmed


Brosur Aegistab OP850
  • Leg and head plates use common ports. Positions of leg and head plates can be exchanged quickly. Therefore, X-ray radiolucent area is expanded.
  • Built-in elevator kidney-bridge, which has no negative effect on X-ray radiolucency work, supports the kidney and gallbladder surgery efficiently.
  • “Three level and square support column design table is made of
    high quality stainless steel “with anti-dust treat, which is easy to clean. The patented hydraulic cylinder ensures steady operation of the table
  • Two control modes, Remote panel and override control panel on the supporting base. This double surgical position control system provides back-up to user and guarantees safety.
  • Maximum working time of table is up to 15 days with built-in battery fully charged. No request for AC power enhances safety of surgeries because of no connection to power cable during operation
  • Dimention : 2020 x 520 x 700mm
  • Weight: about 300kg
  • Table Length : 2020mm
  • Table Width(without side rails) : 520mm
  • Table Height(without pads) : 700mm-1100mm
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse : 30?/30?
  • Lateral Tilt (left/right) : 20?/20?
  • Back Plate Up/Down : 80?/45?
  • Head Plate Up/Down : 30?/45?
  • Leg Plates Down : 90?
  • Leg Plates Split : 180?
  • Flex/Reflex : 240 º/ 120 ?
  • Kidney-bridge Elevator Up : 128mm
  • Power Input : AC 90V-264V 50/60Hz
  • Cell Output : DC 24V 12AH
  • Weight Capacity : 297kg

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